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Misfit Announces the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch


Today, fitness accessory maker Misfit announced the latest addition to their wearable fitness tracking devices, the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch. Unlike their previous efforts, the new Phase Hybrid Smartwatch is an actual watch that merges the design of an analog watch with the functionality of a smartwatch. What that means is that the watch itself looks like an ordinary watch that you can wear with anything and less like a fitness tracker that you can mostly only wear with your fitness clothing.

Misfit Phase tracks steps, distance, and sleep duration and quality using a 3-axis accelerometer and Misfit’s rigorously validated algorithms and scientific library. The watch face acts as a subtle user interface for notifications and feedback. Users can view activity, alarm and notification data using an interplay of the watch hands, a small color window, and vibration alerts. Text, call, app notifications, and movement reminders are discreetly delivered straight to a user’s wrist.

Misfit Phase also works as a remote to connect with the world around you. Much like their other devices, you can use Phase to control your music, take pictures with your phone, and interact with smart home devices, all with the touch of a button. Misfit Phase automatically updates to reflect current time zone, and, like other Misfit products, features 6-month battery life, 50 meters water resistance, and modular design.

Misfit Phase will be offered in 6 colorways, starting at $175, and will be available for purchase on misfit.com.

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