Destiny is back TODAY in their latest DLC called Rise of Iron. The Taken King is dead but all is not well in the Universe. This time around Lord Saladin, (whom you should recognize from the Iron Banner tournament) has sent out a call to all Guardians to prepare for a battle against a new enemy who is for the most part unknown but dangerous and a threat to the universe.

What we do know is that the Guardians will fighting a battle against all of its foes the Cabal, Hive, Vex and the Fallen as they all try to take over the mysterious power of the SIVA. The goal is to become an Iron Lord, so with the new DLC you’ll have a ton of new gear, new light level, new crucible matches, private crucible matches just for you and your friends and what would Destiny be without a new raid? There is an all new raid and according to how Bungie describes it this raid will be unlike any other focusing more so on gear and light level than the mechanics like with Vault of Glass and the King’s Fall Raid.

You can buy The Rise of Iron from the PlayStation store HERE if you already have The Taken King, If not and you’re a new Destiny player then you should buy the collection which gives you Destiny plus all of the DLC including this one released today for $59.99 HERE for PS4 and HERE for Xbox ONE

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