When you run out of charge on your phone while on the go, the one thing you want with you is a portable power bank so you can recharge on the go. While smartphones these days come with larger and larger batteries to keep you connected longer, there are still apps out there that can kill your battery life and ruin your day. That’s why portable power banks exist and why everyone should carry one. However, with literally hundred of them on the market, which on do you choose? Well, if you’re a frequent air traveler, might I suggest the OAXIS AirScale? This is a portable power bank unlike any you’ve probably seen before because not only can it charge your smartphone, but it can also weigh your luggage.

The sleek looking AirScale features an all black design with a built in, stealth digital display. One push of a button and it’ll show you how much charge you have left in the battery. Not only that, with another push of a button and you can switch it to scale mode and weigh items up to 40kgs (around 88lbs).

The AirScale features a 6500mAh battery which should allow you to recharge an iPhone 6s several times to full charge. Depending on what kind of device you’ll be using this with, results may vary. There is only one USB port on the AirScale though so you’ll only be able to charge one device at a time unlike some other chargers I’ve seen with multiple ports.

To weigh items like your luggage, the AirScale includes a detachable hook-strap that attaches to the back of the AirScale. Just hook it in place and attach the other end to your luggage handle. Lift up with the AirScale and it will tell you how much your luggage weighs. I tested the accuracy of the scale using a regular floor scale and it seemed to give the same results each time. Not bad at all and surely very handy for travelers who are always worried about being over the weight limit and not wanting to be charged extra for it.

Travelers wanting something versatile that can both charge your portable devices and weigh their luggage should give the OAXIS AirScale a look. While carrying a portable power bank is a must these days, having a portable scale seems equally as necessary especially for frequent travelers.

The OAXIS AirScale includes a charging cable, detachable hook-strap, and a convenient carrying case to keep everything together. The OAXIS AirScale includes a charging cable, detachable hook-strap, and a convenient carrying case to keep everything together. For more information on the AirScale and to maybe get your own, check out the official website here.

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