There’s something about wooden pieces that I find fascinating. It could be that with products that are made from real wood, no two pieces are ever really the same because there are always subtle differences in the wood grain. Each piece just seems really unique. That’s probably what attracts me to companies like Grovemade where many of their products are made from real wood. Each piece looks like a carved piece of art and one that you would definitely display proudly on your desk. With that said, their newest product is a Speaker System made almost entirely out of either Walnut or Maple wood, leather, and metal.

walnut-speaker-internalsThe body of the speakers are made from 100% wood and crafted in house at their Portland, OR facility. Each speaker takes hours of CNC machining and hand forming, but the results speak for themselves. These are some great looking speakers. They also apparently sound as good as they look too because the enclosure has no parallel walls or flat surfaces. Like a concert hall its internal geometry eliminates standing waves that cause distortion. This is thanks to industrial designer Joey Roth and his indepth work with audio simulations.

But anyways, my facination with this speaker really is the use of wood as a medium. Again, each speaker is going to be different because of natural materials and you can expect variation in color and wood grain. Same goes for the use of authentic full grain leather which has beautiful imperfections from its natural origins.

The Grovemade Speaker System is available now on their website and comes in either maple or walnut wood. If you’re the type that likes natural beauty, you may want to check these out.

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