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Breather Adds More Room with its 100th Location in New York City

Breather 135 Bowery

From what started as a nice quick spot to relax or do some quick work has now ballooned into 100 locations across the globe. Breather started back here in New York City in early 2014 and has since gone on to have more locations then I could imagine. One of their first spots was actually right on Eighth Avenue a mere few blocks from Madison Square Garden.

We over at G Style have actually used Breather spots quite a bit to either relax or conduct some business meetings among the team in the past couple years. What’s always been a great thing about Breather is they are all over the city and they are tailored to fit anywhere from one on ones to having a full-blown business meeting. These can be anywhere from 60 min blocks or a full day affair if necessary and at a discounted rate. At 135 Bowery(pictured above) we¬†got a good idea about different sized rooms as at their 100th location they actually had four rooms set up on the fifth floor. Each one styled different from the next and catered for what you need. Of course pricing will vary along with that also.

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