Whether you’re willing to admit it or not. We all have an inner geek. To help you show that inner geek off to the world, Vans and Nintendo came together and put out a sick collab of sneakers, hats, shirts, bags and accessories to stunt on everybody with. The colorful and playful designs based on the popular Nintendo games will surely awake the inner kid in you. This collection maybe once in a lifetime, but you can always go back on Shoe Adviser‘s list on the best Vans shoes in the market.

4MLJPA-HEROVans brought out all the old school Nintendo themes and icons for this collection. From the Donkey Kong slip-ons, to the Princess Peach lows, there are so many ways to flip this collection and it’s all based on classic Nintendo icons and games. Even if you didn’t play any video games as a kid. Who doesn’t know and love Super Mario or Donkey Kong, Link or a lot of the classic characters printed on all this cool shit?

It would be a shame if the summer goes by and you’re not rocking any of this dope gear on a casual day. If you wanna get you some you can buy this stuff online at Vans right HERE or you can just hit up the malls and look around and try your luck. I know Journeys carries some this stuff and you probably get it if you look in the right places but no matter where or how you get it, you gotta get it. Geeks are cool. Embrace your inner nerd and rock them Vans.

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