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There are two things that usually set the summer off right. The smiling faces of those turning their tassels and graduating or that of a father getting that new tie he never wanted. In any event its a great time to reward those for doing a great job in school or to show your daddy how much you appreciate him. Here are some interesting gift ideas that can fit for the Dad or Grad in your life.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (5)


If you are looking for the phone that has everything look no further than the Galaxy S7 Edge by Samsung. You get a gorgeous 5.5″ QHD curved display, 3,600mAh battery and removable storage. That’s great for those that want to add some additional media for those summer road trips or maybe need some more tunes in their life. Also it has Fast charging which can get u from 0% to 100 in a little over an hour and did i mention its water-resistant for those accidental spills? Its got everything you need and takes some of the best camera photos in the biz with its 12MP shooter. If you want something a bit smaller and w/o the curves the Samsung Galaxy S7 is basically identical and slightly cheaper.

Price: About $700 off-contract

HTC 10


A brilliant chiseled smartphone comes from HTC. They built the HTC 10 to provide awesome audio, snap impressive photos and has a friendly customization user interface. Its body is designed with aluminum that wraps around most of the phone besides its 5.2″ QHD display. It feels great in the hand and is built with chamfered edges to help brought a better grip then you may think you needed.

Also right now if you Buy an HTC 10, get your choice of a Jabra headset or HTC Pro Studios headphones* (value up to $99)

Price:About $700 off-contract

Norelco OneBlade


Every guy should keep a razor handy and Norelco has got you covered. There OneBlade is great for just about all occasions. If you need that quick shave or even want to line something up real quick. It’s extremely portable thanks to its size and recharges so no need to buy batteries time and time again.
Price: $34.99

Chrome Industries: Dyneema & Wyatt Collection


If your dad or grad is into that tougher lifestyle and loves a nice piece of denim then the Dyneema/Wyatt Collection from Chrome Industries will do the job. whether you like to ride bikes across the country or just like to wear something tough and strong this should fit your needs. The jackets, shirts, and jeans are woven with dyneema(8%) fiber which is some of the strongest out there. Stronger than steel but flexible enough to wear.
Price:$150-$180 and can be found online or in their stores

MyCharge HubPlus Portable Charger

MyCharge Plus Battery Review (4)

Batteries always come in handy and this one by MyCharge can help with that dad or grad that forgets to charge their device. It comes with two USB cables attached with one for iPhone users and another for Android users. It packs a 6,000mAh battery which should be able to get you two charges out an iPhone and 2 charges out an Android device or one of each. They can even be charged at same time. Best of all to recharge the battery pack all you need is to plug it in an outlet.
Price: $99.99

iClever BoostCube


More than likely everyone carries around more than one device and of course that means less outlets being freed up. The BoostCube by iClever alleviates some of that pain thanks to it having four USB ports. Great for adventures with family or friends and no one has to be left out in the cold and waiting to charge up their stuff.
Price: $19.99

Amazon Fire Stick TV

amazon fire tv


I can imagine the dad or grad in your life loves to watch some TV and wants access to some things such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video. You can watch all the subscription premiums like HBO, Showtime, etc. Best of all since it’s just a HDMI stick you can unplug it and plug it into another TV while you are always on the go traveling.
Price: $39.99

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