Sony didn’t waste any time getting right into what turned out to be the most exciting moment of an otherwise routine press conference packed with exciting games for the near future.

The press conference set you up right away from the loud drums and orchestra playing music reminiscent of the God of War series. Right after that, we go into a cutscene with a young boy and deep voice in the shadows. Although you can’t quite make out the voice you kind of know who it is. When the figure in the shadows is revealed as Kratos the arena went batshit crazy and I’m not exaggerating that.

This time around we see Kratos has aged a bit and has grown a killer thick beard. In this scene we see him teaching a boy whom he calls “boy” to hunt a deer. As they go through the forest and try to plot out the right kill moment we see a creature jump out of nowhere and then Kratos jumps right into action. One thing we notice right away is that Kratos was not using the Blades of Chaos but a huge mystical Axe and he laid these creatures to waste with that axe and some seriously bad ass hand to hand combat. The visuals were stunning and the game was just gorgeous. No other way to describe it.

It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of this game and when we see it considering that Sony offered no release date for this game (and most of their other games as well). It is exciting however to see Kratos back and in full effect on the PS4. With no Greek Gods left I’m wondering who the enemies will be this time around. Will it be Norse Gods? Who knows but I’m excited to see where it goes for easily one of the best series in the Playstation catalog.

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