While Xbox’s big emphasis was hardware with the slimmed down Xbox One S and codenamed “Project Scorpio”, Sony went more hard-hitting with showing off the revitalization of older IPs such as Resident Evil 7, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and of course the big surprise to all “God of War”. Sony went with a different approach of just showing games and not really have anyone speak but maybe a few words here and there. This is also the first time we got to see PlayStation VR used more in actual big title games rather than just some of the independent titles that were created specifically for it.

Here are some of the best games to come out of PlayStation’s show:

God of War

Before the game even premiered and they did all the theatrics with the music, I felt like it was another God of War game coming. I definitely didn’t expect to see a gray-bearded Kratos and his son? to open up the 10 minute long gameplay trailer. GOW looks like it has elements of past GOW games but also some Last of Us and I felt other open world games such as Tomb Raider. There are some scenes of tag teaming but I’m wondering if this will be co-op or just you switching controls with the characters ala GTA V. In any event the game looks gorgeous and can’t wait to get hands on it for the PS4.

The Last Guardian

With a release date of 10/25/16, Sony will finally get The Last Guardian into the hands of gamers. It has been in development since 2007 when it was slated to be a PS3 title and has since moved on to be for the PS4. While I think that’s great as visually will be pretty artistic as its being worked on by Team Ico(i.e. Ico, Shadow of the Colossus) the PlayStation community has been dying to get their teeth into this game for almost a decade now. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Spider Man

Looking to be a PS4 exclusive, Spider Man is being done by Insomniac Games. If you are unfamiliar they are the brains behind Resistance but most recently Sunset Overdrive(a XB1 exclusive). It will be nice to see if they can bring some of that gameplay over from Sunset over into the webslinging world of Spider Man.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The first title from Guerilla Games since Killzone 3, Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG that looks like it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where robots are pretty much ruing the land. I do like some of the mechanics with the different weapons and taking over machines. Graphically its pretty vivid and I’m wondering if its open world based or not.

Detroit: Become Human

In the trailer we get a look at Connor who seems to be an Android and looks like he works for the police force. The game seems to be a sci-fi thriller based on decisions you make and the consequences behind them. It looks to be in the veins of Heavy Rain as the developer is Quantic Dream. Visually it looks incredible and be nice to see the right and wrong moves you make in this game.

Resident Evil 7 VR

Capcom looks like it is taking Resident Evil back to its roots and trying to make it the survival horror game that birthed the genre in the first place. Bringing it to the PlayStation VR will be bringing the chills right up in your face and you can only imagine the craziness you will see up close and personal.

Death Stranding

A surprise at Sony’s presser was Hideo Kojima being there and debuting a reveal trailer for his first game post-Konami. Its helmed under Kojima Productions and features Norman Reedus who originally was in the Silent Hill game that was eventually canned. There isn’t much to go off of in the trailer but it looks very trippy and bugged out. So much is going on it can be taken as anything and I wouldn’t be surprised if the name changes when it finally debuts. I will say I’m digging the track playing though.

PlayStation VR

Sony has finally given us a release date for PlayStation VR and it will be available on October 13. You can get the headset alone for $399.99 or the Bundle for $499.99 that includes the headset, move controllers, game and also the PlayStation Camera. The bundle kinda sounds like a no brainer to me. 50 titles are slated to be ready for PlayStation VR when it arrives.

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