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Thanks to an event hosted by AT&T and Samsung we were able to get some hands-on with the newly revealed Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. Even better we were able to test them out in some rather fun or strenuous conditions with different areas setup. These ranged from a shooting water game, a version of everyone’s favorite plinko, and the good old fish tank dive routine. With the Galaxy S7 Active being rated IP68 and having a military grade designed body we were to pretty much fling it all over the place. It took some hard dings going down at the plinko booth as it slid down and repeatedly hit metal pillars but landing in either water, sand, or dirt. We would take it out and it looked good as new. It held good in the fish tank as we watched a clip of The Ellen Show via YouTube.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (9)

So with that being said a few minutes messing around with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active seemed pretty good and Samsung did pretty good with the design doing away with the visible screws and trying to make it look at aesthetically pleasing than previous versions in the past. Holding the S7 Active and its predecessor hand to hand though and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference much. What I’m most interested on the S7 Active though is its inclusion of the fingerprint scanner as well as its huge 4,000mAh battery. I can’t recall the last time I seen a smartphone with that much capacity especially in a device like this. Also I been liking the swiftness of the Active Key. Double Press, Long Press, or a Short Press will provide you with various and quick ways to launch your favorite app even while screen locked.

Stay tuned as we should have a review coming up soon and in the meantime check some of the gorgeous shots of the Galaxy S7 Active below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is set to release on June 10th.

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If you have any questions about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active ask below and we will see what we can answer.

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