In recent years, the mobile gaming industry has grown significantly. While console gaming once seemed to have the monopoly on the gaming industry, mobile phones are now more widely used and provide even easier access. As 2016 unfolds, new games will be introduced that could be future iconic games such as the five addicted games described below.

A simple game that has stood the test of time, Snake requires players to maneuver a growing line without running into an obstacle. The game has been around on mobile devices since it was first loaded onto Nokia devices in 1998. Since then, eight different versions of the game have been released.

Candy Crush
Following its release in 2012, this match three puzzle game quickly rose in status. For both Apple and Android phones, the game became a fun addiction for many mobile gamers. Using different candy icons can be mixed creating new types of candies as players move through the different levels.

Need for Speed
For those who crave adrenaline rushing games, Need for Speed offers up fast and short races. Users are able to design their race cards in this game. Over the years, 23 sequels to this game have been created.

Angry Birds
First released in the later part of 2009, this game was widely popular and has since spawned numerous sequels including one with Star Wars characters. Given its immense appeal, software developers went so far as to make versions for phones without touch screens.

Double Down Casino
This game is one of the more popular casino games. Specifically, it offers players over 8- different slot machine games include some of the most popular titles which can also be found at sites like Golden Goddess, Wheel of Fortune and Double Diamond with bonus rounds, free spins and special interactive bonuses.
Will these games continue to make the list of the top five games or will a new favourite soon knock one of these favorites off? The future remains to be seen as new games are continually released.

[Written by Sean Williams]
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