Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo is here, so go download it NOW


If you’re a Final Fantasy lover like me then you should know three important things about Final Fantasy XV that took place all within this week. The first thing is that we finally got a sale date for FFXV which is Sept 30th 2016. The second thing is that you can now pre-order FFXV via the Playstation store NOW. Lastly and most important, you can download the playable “Platinum” Demo today without having to pre-order the game. So, if you haven’t done so use this link HERE and get your download on and play a limited demo of one of the most anticipated games to launch this year.


This demo is just what you want if you’re a bit undecided about whether or not you want to dive into the newest FF especially considering the FF series hasn’t necessarily been that great in terms of the last few games they released. This demo should hopefully change that and give you a bit of excitement about what’s to come, from the next gen look, to the fighting and strategy elements of the game. It all adds up to good gaming experience I’m sure. Make sure you hit the Playstation store and download this demo ASAP. If you are still unsure about downloading the demo then give this video a watch and maybe it’ll motivate you. HAPPY GAMING

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