SNK Playmore is feeding our fighting appetite as they have released their 9th teaser trailer for The King of Fighters XIV. They’ve been on a roll showing us gameplay on fighters that will be featured in the upcoming fighting game set to release this year exclusively on PlayStation 4. We’ve all came to learn of The King of Fighters XIV reveal during its announcement at Tokyo
Game Show 2015’s PlayStation Conference. The series have been well renowned globally since 1994 and it is back for this generation.

Seeing it since it was last revealed last year it seems as if the graphics have improved, including its presentation as well. The game visuals may have evolved into a new 3D fighter, but it will still its classic 2D gameplay and “3-on-3 TEAM BATTLE” game system. So let’s get into what was displayed in this recent trailer.

During the trailer three fighters were showcased out of 50 that will be in the game. The trailer opens up with the cure but fierce Athena Asamiya, with her gameplay of vicious combos and a spirit bomb move to end here showcase. Next up a new face by the name of Luong who mostly attacks with here legs giving us a Hwoarang (Tekken), Jury, and C Viper (Street Fighter IV) type of style that is killer. Another new face is Nelson who will be the boxer out of the bunch with combos and has a flare of Steve from Tekken and an overhead punch sort of like Balrog from Street Fighter.

Overall the two new characters are looking very interesting and will give a new flare to the robust 50 character lineup, which is the biggest in the franchise’s history. The pace of the game still looks awesome as well along with the graphics being in 3D but still giving up a 2D feeling with the background. I think with this title a lot will flock to it more, as it already is a global title that many countries play and compete in but I think the it will gain an even higher mass appeal.

The King of Fighters XIV is scheduled to release this year only on PlayStation 4. We’ll keep you updated on the latest with this title, but let us know what you think so far and which character you’ll be likely to main.  I can’t wait to see my main man JOE!

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