It has definitely been awhile since I’ve spoke about a bag of any sort. I’ve really been on the Smart Home and Automobile fronts lately. But bags that carry my gadgets and tech will always be a love of mine. I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for a new bag to carry my gadgets from place to place. When one catches my eye, I just have to look into it. This was the case with the company Moshi. Moshi was a company I’ve never heard of and by chance while walking through the showroom floor at CES I came across them. While the back that caught my attention will be coming in a future review, I recently got the chance to take for a spin a very unique laptop backpack. It is called the Venturo and it is a sling laptop backpack. So instead of two straps there is just one like a messenger bag. Sort of.


The more accurate description as taken from their site reads

Venturo “Venturo is a slim laptop backpack with a crossbody design that lets you sling your bag from back to front for quick access to all of your gear. A roomy interior features independent cushioned compartments to secure a laptop (up to 15″) as well as an iPad/tablet. Additional interior pockets organize your cables, accessories, and other necessities. Venturo is built with advanced, lightweight materials that are both wear- and weather-resistant for extra durability. Padded Airmesh fabric lines the quick-release shoulder strap and back support for excellent ventilation, as well as an ergonomic fit. A zippered rear compartment adds an element of security by keeping important documents such as a passport or ID close to your body. The ultimate in convenience and style, Venturo is an indispensable companion for your daily commute or long-haul trips.”

The Venturo comes in 4 colors. Steel Blue, Black, Gray, and Navy Blue. The one that was sent to me was the Black one. I tend to go a lot with Black, especially when I don’t know how I feel about a bag yet. This present a safe color and if it is one I’m going to wear everyday, it is more on the safe side of matching anything I’m wearing. The style of the bag is for the most part subtle. It looks simple and sophisticated. Perfect for at work in the office.


Venturo2 I decided to jump right into the deep in with this bag and used it for a couple weeks as my daily driver for my 9-5 job. I work in IT and I need to be able to carry a wide range of gadgets with me. First and foremost my work laptop. From there I carried a variety of smartphones, cables, screwdriver kits, external power chargers, pens, external hard drives, and etc. Any bag worth it’s cost needs to be able to contain all of that without looking too lumpy from the bulk of the items and still be comfortable on the back. I had my reservations, especially on the comfort part with there just being one strap, but I gave it a go anyway!

I will add this caveat at the very beginning, just really to get it out of the way. I feel the bag is made for someone who is right handed. As a lefty, putting on and taking off the bag is kind of awkward. I’m not use to putting a bag on from over my right shoulder. It definitely too some getting use to. But after that it was all love for the Venturo. Surprisingly that one strap is quite comfortable and spreads the weight quite effectively! Even during long commutes I didn’t feel any pain while wearing the bag. This was really good as there times where I had to carry more than one laptop in it and while heavier it, I didn’t experience any extra pain in the process.

Venturo3 When it came to carrying all my tech, the Venturo knocked that out the park. And when I said it did, just know this is coming from someone who carries a lot of gadgets. Some bags while they look great and are fancy, very stylish…can’t handle a wide load of items in there. You can normally put in your laptop, iPad (because they is all they always say that tablet slot if for smh) and maybe a writing book and some pens. This wouldn’t be useful for me as I’m a gadget power user! The Venturo though with it’s many pockets and storage slots was able to fit everything in and still look good while doing it. No huge lumps, the form stayed slim and good looking. This was a bag I enjoyed using. One added perk was if you placed the bag on it’s side, there was a handle there. This was great for carrying the bag like a briefcase. I love this! Sometimes I just don’t want to carry the bag on my back, but more bookbags have that handle on the top which isn’t the best for moving about while carrying by hand. The Venturo though I found wonderful in sling/backpack mode and then when I felt like it, briefcase mode lol.

Wrap Up

The Venturo backpack by Moshi has been a great discovery! Sometimes when you roam those halls at CES, you never know what you may run across. In this case, I came across a great company with a excellent sling backpack. One bag I know I will be continuing to use beyond the review period!

The Venturo ranges in price from $119.95 to $149.95 depending on the color. It is available now and you can buy it at Stay on the look out as the bag that first caught my eye and was the reason I walked over to the Moshi booth, will be coming up in a review not too far now in the future!

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