TouchTunes Testing (1)


About a week ago we were invited to check out TouchTunes. At the time I had no idea what it was or how popular it actually is. If you are unfamiliar like I was TouchTunes is your modern-day jukebox which is more interactive than anything. TouchTunes is in over 65,000 bars all over North America but the fun doesn’t stop there. Playing with it the very responsive panel provided me endless artists, genres, and even kept up to date mostly with what’s going on outside in the music world. Its updated pretty good and songs can be purchased via its unique currency. Song prices can vary based on location and even how frequent a song is placed at that location. Credits can be obtained either by depositing money in the jukebox or paying for credits via the mobile app.


The TouchTunes app offers features such as:

Smart Check-In: Automatically checks users in to locations visited frequently.

Playlists Made Easy: Users can import playlists from Spotify or iTunes and build a “Favorites” playlist by liking songs and artists throughout the app experience.

Venue Staff Messaging: Allows staff to program custom messages to appear within the app when a user checks-in to their venue.

Customer Service: Improved in-app support.

If you are interested in checking out TouchTunes you can either check on their app or via their website. They even have karaoke for those song singers out there too.

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