Usually a review is written about a specific game that has just come out or it doing really well, but this time we are going to spread our view to a whole browser-catalogue of free online MMO games.

What is characteristic of this catalogue is that it caters to a very wide range of gamers. In fact games find in Plarium MMO strategy games different games which are exciting and fun to play online.

Players who are attracted to strategy games like challenges and to test their abilities. Furthermore, they get influenced by the backdrop story be it in ancient times or in a future setting. The strategy gamer is in for a wholesome experience.

faq_2In the Plarium browser catalogue you can find two of the most successful MMO strategy games, which are Stormfall: Age of War and Sparta: War of Empires; both are well known but what is less known is that both games have the same creative source. Both games are set within a lavish historical background. The purpose of the game is to build resources and armies in order to defend yourself from your enemies and other players.

If you are the type to like fairy tales, there is a relatively new game called Nords: Heroes of the North which is based in the realm of fantasy instead of what could be considered ancient history, mystical creatures that usually are at odds with each other unite together in order to battle against the Ice Queen who has brought eternal winter to the land.

These games are strategy PvP (player vs player) enables games, in these games players combine the building of resources and army development with PvP which allows each player to form into a guild and create political alliances, of course there comes a point in time of the game when you will need to decide if and when you need to strike a full war on all fronts. To move up the game you need to think ahead, take preventing measures in order to protect what you have. Therefore skill and strategic preparations are a must in order to win in these games.

11882319_880920018663450_546145489701848248_oThere are many more interesting games in this catalogue like Total Domination which includes fully voiced characters, high quality graphics and intricate gameplay. Also, if you prefer a more futuristic setting and battles Soldiers Inc. might be a good experience for you. There is also a game inspired by piracy, so if you prefer the high seas and treasure hunting, then Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a good choice for letting yourself in the part of Jack Sparrow or any other famous pirate.

This brower catalogue combines the latest in online gaming technology together with simple but very creative ideas. On a technical level these games include MMO game strategies, animation of 3D battles, features that combine GDR with tactical MMORPG and MMORTS. For more information on strategy games click here!

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