Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day Gifts

While some say Christmas is the biggest day of the year to give gifts I wouldn’t be surprised if Valentine’s Day is a close 2nd. While I know some ladies that love the usual chocolate and flowers and are pretty satisfied with that, what about for the fellas? Some may like some candy too but if they are in my kinda realm then they may go for something bit more “techie”. Here are some quick gift ideas you can get to fill that special guy in your life with joy.

P.S… Yes I know V-Day is considered mostly red but some black doesn’t hurt either.

Samsung Level On Pro Wireless Headphones

Samsung Level On Pro Wireless HeadphonesIf he likes music than he should enjoy these sweet wireless cans from Samsung. The Level On Pro Wireless has Active Noise Cancelling to block out those unneccessary disturbances while rocking out but also features “Talk On” which will allow them to still hear the tunes and everything else around them. The right ear cup is touch sensitive and can be used for volume control, song skipping and play/pause.

Interesting tidbit: If you have Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+ you can take advantage of their UHQA feature which is almost audio perfection.
Buy It Here: Samsung
Price: $299.99

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

Hate worrying about space on your iPhone or Android device and needing to free up space? Or how about wanting to share that precious new movie or music track? The Connect Wireless Stick is savior in this regards. While it looks like a regular thumb drive(which it works as also) it has wireless capabilities to sync with not one but multiple devices at once(review). Carry anywhere from 16GB all the way up to 200GB with little to no hassle.

Buy It Here: SanDisk
Price: Varies in Storage Size

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Even though you might not want to hear another woman’s name in the household you might have to get used to “Alexa”. When it first arrived on the scene it was just a speaker that took a few commands. Fast forward a year later, Echo can play music either from your favorite apps such as iHeartRadio, Pandora and just added Spotify. Need to know the weather, or the latest score of your favorite sports team and it’s just a quick question. If you want to up the gusto, you can ask Alexa to order you some Dominos, or even hail you a Uber. Best you won’t mind that name around the house a bit more now.

Buy It Here: Amazon
Price: $179.99

Herschel Supply Chapter Travel Kit

Herschel Supply Travel Kit

Usually known for their backpacks, Herschel Supply actually has a nifty Travel Kit that you can be used to store all your little gadgets. Throw in your favorite headphones, smartphone, or maybe even your pricey camera with the big precious lens you cherish. There is compartments on outside or if you unzip you will notice there is more spots for storing. Or you can just use it for carrying your toothbrush, toothpaste and cologne when you sleep over your significant other house.

Sidenote: This collabo with Coca Cola is using recycled materials and features “Coca Cola” in several different languages.


Buy It Here: Herschel Supply X Coca Cola
Price: $39.99