Ever since I posted our review of the Moto 360 Sport a little over a month ago, I’ve recieved a few questions concerning the music playback feature and the ability to pair Bluetooth headphones to it. There seems to be a problem many are having in which their headphones are losing connection and that the music is cutting in and out while working out. I’ve had a few ask me if I’ve had this problem and for the most part, I haven’t. No one is really sure why some are having this problem and why others aren’t so below, I’m going to list a few observations I’ve made.

  1. The headset I’m using is a Jabra Sport Pace Wireless headset. These feature Bluetooth version 4.1 with Headset profile v1.2 , hands free profile v1.6, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.5. The headset also allows for 2 simultaneous connections at once, meaning it can be connected to the Moto 360 Sport and your smartphone simultaneously. I’m not sure if the specs here make a difference or not, but I’m throwing it out there so you can compare it to what you use.
  2. For the most part, I’ve had no issues playing music from the Moto 360 Sport to my Jabra Sport Pace Wireless headsets. The controls on it work to adjust volume as well as music selection. Audio sounds good and I haven’t had any connection issues or music cut outs while using them.
  3. However…lately I’ve been having some issues with the watch itself where it will freeze up now and then if there’s too much going on. If I have too many notifications while playing back music and using the Moto Body Running app, sometimes the watch will become unresponsive, and that’s when my music will just freeze and stop playing. This has only happened to me a few times. When it’s working, it works well, but when the watch becomes unresponsive, that’s when it all goes down the toilet. A restart usually fixes everything though.

That’s pretty much all I’ve observed. I’ve used my Jabra headset on the Moto 360 Sport on its own and also while connected to my smartphone at the same time to see if that would make a difference or not and it still worked as intended. I’ve never had issues with music cutting in and out when the Moto 360 Sport was working perfectly, only had issues when the watch became unresponsive, probably due to low memory and too many apps open at once. Either way, it is an issue some users are having, and issue where there aren’t any real clear answers.