Ok, so far this holiday I’ve given you a list of my personal favorite gadgets that I think the geek should have (You can see that HERE). Then I gave you Xmas laptop shopping guide (You can see that HERE) and this is the last list….I swear. The last-minute stocking stuffer cannot be ignored.

The stocking stuffer gift is a present that is something inexpensive that isn’t too big that you give to someone at Xmas time. These gifts are sometimes the best gifts. Typically it would be a gift card or a card with some money but those gifts are a little impersonal. If you really wanna give someone a quick gift that they’ll love, I have a few choices that I think work. Heck, you might wanna pick one up for yourself. Check it out.

Logitech MX Master Mouse


Logitech’s MX Master is the best mouse that you can buy that isn’t a gaming mouse. It’s light, sleek and multi-functional. The MX Master is a bluetooth mouse that allows you to connect up to three different devices to it by way of a toggle button on its underside. You can use it at home on your PC, use it with your Macbook or laptop or just take it on the go and maybe connect it to a Surface Pro.

20151102_114314The best part about the MX Master is that each of the buttons on the mouse itself are fully customizable by way of the MX app that you download right from the Logitech website. This added flexibility lets you set your mouse buttons to however you feel most comfortable using your mouse. There are more than enough options to choose from. If you have a legacy device that doesn’t support Bluetooth “Smart”, worry not. Logitech included a wireless dongle that you connect to your USB port and you can use the MX Master just the same as a bluetooth.

The MX Master has quick charging and the battery on a full charge is expected to last up to month according to Logitech which seems reasonable, but of course that is all dependent on how you use your MX. Either way for $99 I doubt that you’ll find a mouse that gives you as much option and looks as nice as the MX Master. This is a geek must have stocking stuffer. Get yours HERE.

Back to the Future trilogy Standard or Blu-Ray

20151216_130319This year was a big year for “Back to the Future”. Considering that the date that Marty McFly went back to the future was this year Oct 21, 2015.

The movies themselves and the lore surrounding them has been greater than ever. Why not capitalize on that? I grew up watching these movies and I thought they some of the best movies I’ve watched (except for part 3, I hated that one). Either way, this is a great stocking stuffer because it’s Marty McFly, and the 80’s will never get corny. The kids love 80’s stuff I grew up on…well some of it and Back to the Future is one of those things. You’ll start off in 1955 when Marty meets his young mother and father, then you’ll shoot forward to 2015 to save Marty’s kids and then you’ll end up in 1855 to save Doc Brown. It’s nostalgia in a set of DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s. It’s a great gift idea so make sure you consider it. Run out and get this trilogy HERE.

JBL Clip+ portable speaker

20151216_125951Portable speakers are really just a great thing to have. You’d be surprised how many times you go somewhere or are even in your house that you want to listen to some music. JBL has a great lineup of portable speakers from the Charge 2 to the Pulse. One of my personal favorites and great stocking stuffer speakers is the JBL Clip. If you judge it by just the picture you can see that the Clip+ is not going to be a burden to carry around. It has a clip on tab at the top which gives it such great portability. You can clip it to your belt loop, clip it on a bike, hang it on the wall, throw it in a purse, whatever. Aside from it being super portable it also has a pretty big sound for a speaker so small. It’s inexpensive at $50 which a bunch of color options to boot. Beat that, not likely. Get yours HERE

UE Boom 2


The UE Boom 2 in my opinion is the best portable speaker hands down. Yup, I said it. There isn’t a speaker that gives you such a great sound and great look like the UE Boom 2. It’s just the best of a series of great speakers that I use in my personal life. I actually use a pair on my computer desk as opposed to a set of expensive monitors. The UE Boom 2 allows you to pair up speakers to double the sound or you can use them to give you a surround sound like experience if you’re watching movies but don’t have an elaborate surround sound set up. You can sync multiple devices to the Boom 2 via bluetooth and play different playlists from your phone or PC or from a friend’s. The Boom 2 comes in 6 colorful options and trust me you won’t be disappointed. The Boom 2 will run you about $199 which may seem steep until you hear them and you won’t question it anymore. Make sure you put one or a pair of these in someone’s stocking. Order it HERE.

Sony Playstation 4 Remote

20151218_173312 (1)If you have a PS4, chances are you aren’t always using it to play video games. The reality is that the PS4 is also a powerful Blu-Ray disc player disguised as a gaming console. The PS4 is also a media streaming device and if you have a Netflix or Hulu subscription then this also makes the PS4 your one-stop shop for all things media related.

Now, if you’re going to be doing anything that doesn’t require the use of a six-axis controller then it would be in your best interest to invest in the PS4 remote control. Just like it’s predecessor it’s a necessary and handy device to have not to mention the fact that it looks really cool when you’re using it. There really isn’t much to elaborate on in regards to the remote control. It takes all of the PS4 controller buttons and the buttons that you would find on a Blu-ray remote altogether on one universal style unit (that means you can program your TV, cable box and surround system to it). This is definitely a must have stocking stuffer item for the PS4 owner so don’t leave it out. It’s only $30 so order yours HERE.

Flash Drives


Flash drives. Yup, flash drives. How many times have you found yourself looking for a way to take a movie with you on the go, or make a quick transfer of some music from a friend or even bringing music to a friend. You ever need to grab some documents or some data real quick and you realize that you have no flash drives? Happens all the time and it happens when you least expect it and when it’s the most important. As unusual as it seems, flash drives as a stocking stuffer are perfect, especially for the budding geek or the at home geek. They’re invaluable. Flash drives are cheaper than ever and you get so much storage for so little money. The only thing I’ll say is trying to get them in USB 3.0 but never get caught out there without a flash drive on you. You WILL regret it.

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