Something can be said about how Astro Gaming keeps taking it up a notch. The Astro Gaming A40s is an incredible pair of gaming headsets, and when you combine them with a Mixamp gaming magic happens. Astro Gaming is a company that is used by pro-gamers and regular loves of games alike, so when they let me know that were coming out with a new TR series I was excited to say the least. I really thought after their A50s I’m was good and personally I’ve been on a no wires kick for some time. So would I really and to bring back the wires to test out their new A40 TR and Mixamp PRO TR line. Well yes of course! But why really should you pick up these (or not maybe), let’s break it down

1. Their Style and Customization Options Is Awesome!

AstroTR-GreenMODKit Astro Gaming has always been real good when it came to letting you customize your headsets. From the different color choices, to the custom speaker tags, to the branded headsets based on popular games. Astro Gaming has always been really good at making sure if you wanted it, your headsets could potentially look different from anyone else. This continues with the new A40 TR series.

If the customizing of speaker tags wasn’t enough, this time around Astro Gaming is introducing MOD Kits. With the MOD kits you can swap from an open back to a closed back on speakers tags. Or maybe go from a padded The first two MOD kits to come out are the Astro Green TR MOD kit and the Call of Duty MOD kit. The Astro Green has a neon green/black color scheme and features some leather noise-cancelling ear cushions, voice isolating mic, padded headband, and close back speakers tags. For the Call of Duty ones, you get the same setup but in an orange/black color scheme. I can just imagine the potential when more MOD kits go on sell! When I had a choice of MOD kit I went with the Green, as it just looked real slick, but if you get one I’d be curious which you guys would choose!

2. It Has A Long List of Impressive Specs & Features!

Let’s face some of us are really pro-level gamers. And some of us don’t game as much, but want whatever might keep us on level when it comes the heats competition of our circle or friends. The Astro Gaming TR series comes with a laundry list of top features you’d want in a gaming headsets. Some of these include Pro Audio Quality, Superior Fit & Finish, Swappable Precision Microphones, Tuned for Gaming with Astro Audio, Dolby Surround 7.1, USB Sound Card Functionality, and Customizable Stream Output.

I’m pretty sure there is a feature or two in there that has gotten your attention! If you have an older A40 and was looking for something to upgrade to, you’d do no wrong here!

3. These Were Designed for PROs and Livestreamer Alike!

AstroCommandCenter Astro Gaming also has Astro Command Center. This included software allows PROs and Livestreamers to tune every input and output of the Mixamp PRO TR to configure it how they want for their own setup. So maybe you’re a PRO gaming and just want your setting tweak to maximize your advantage while playing. Or maybe you someone who likes to live stream games as you play them, with the Mixamp PRO TR and Astro’s Command Center you can hook up your setup just right and capture audio in many ways to do this!

Personal Thoughts

AstroTR-OrangeMODKit Honestly I thought I wouldn’t want to be bothered again with wires after using the A50s, but the A40 TR with Mixamp PRO TR offers a compelling reason to have some wires around. Here at G Style Magazine, we are staring up the GSG or G Style Gaming where we’ll be playing and live-streaming our gaming team more as we interact with you guys. This sick combo will definitely be helping up do that. Audio quality is superb, stigmatization options is sweet, and I’m very comfortable when I use the new A40s TR and Mixamp PRO TR. I’m happy to be using them and I think you will as well.

The Astro Gaming A40 TR + Mixamp PRO TR is available now and will cost you $250-$310 depending on if you get a MOD kit. But you know how we do at G Style. Since this last week of December and the week of Xmas, we are going to give 4 lucky people a pair! Stay tuned for your shot shortly!

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