MAINGEAR DRIFT Steam Machine Brings Big 4K Gaming to the Living Room


Steam Machines are here and ready to invade a space once reserved for dedicated gaming consoles. That’s right, Steam Machines want to take over your living room. What’s unique about the Steam Machine platform is that there are all kinds of them out there with different specs and different price points. While there are some that start around “console” level price points, they aren’t quite that powerful. You’ll have to move up in price range to something most PC gamers are more accustomed to. Take for instance the new MAINGEAR DRIFT Steam Machine.

The DRIFT is a power-packed Steam Machine that features SteamOS, 4K output, a overclocked Intel’s Extreme Edition Haswell-E or Skylake processors, full-sized NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 980Ti or Titan X GPUs, and up to 16GBs of Kingston DDR4 memory. There’s even extra bays for expanding HDDs. This is basically a full fledged gaming PC in a much smaller package. You even get Valve’s Steam Controller bundled in.

While not cheap, the starting price of $1099 isn’t too bad if you consider how much a dedicated gaming PC would usually cost you. I personally am still on the fence about how popular these new Steam Machines will be, but they do seem pretty interesting at least.

Press Release

Kenilworth, New Jersey – November 10, 2015 – MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system integrator of custom gaming solutions, announces the availability of the DRIFT, a SteamOS powered gaming PC designed to bring 4K gaming to any location, including the living room.

Designed to bring the 4K gaming performance of full-sized desktops to the coffee table, MAINGEAR’s DRIFT can be customized with overclocked Intel’s Extreme Edition Haswell-E or Skylake processors, full-sized NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 980Ti or Titan X GPUs, and up to 16GBs of Kingston DDR4 memory.  In addition, the DRIFT comes with 3 hard drive bays that can be outfitted with 2 Samsung® 850 Pro SSDs and a massive 6TB HDD.

“The DRIFT packs the muscle and performance of larger systems into a sleek and compact uni-body design that fits anywhere,” says Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR.  “The SteamOS has finally arrived and we are delighted to partner with Valve to make the DRIFT the most perfect way to deliver the Steam experience.”

MAINGEAR’s DRIFT can be placed both vertically and horizontally for utmost flexibility, and features the Epic 120 liquid cooling system, a maintenance-free system that keeps the steam machine running incredibly cool at top speeds for extended periods of time.  MAINGEAR’s Epic 120 liquid cooling system also ensures a whisper-quiet operation during regular activity.

The DRIFT comes with Valve’s revolutionary Steam Controller, an all-in one handheld battle station with dual track pads, HD haptics, dual-stage triggers, and a fully customizable control schemes.  Perfect for the whole family, the DRIFT Steam Machine also features custom parental controls to determine individual accessibility to the entire Steam game library.

MAINGEAR’s DRIFT is now ready for customization with MAINGEAR’s true automotive paint finish available in any color and combination starting at $1,099. 

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