With the advent of hover technology in vehicles, thanks in part to the efforts of Goldie Wilson III and his company Goldie Wilson Hover Conversion Systems, we’re no longer limited by gravity. It was only a matter or time before we saw that technology make its way into more recreational products. Say goodbye to the skateboard because the Hoverboard is here and it’s being brought to us by those fine folks at Mattel. They make one version of the Hoverboard, but they’re not the only ones who currently make one.

Mattel was kind enough to send us a production version of their kid friendly Hoverboard and while this thing may look like a cheap plastic toy, it’s much more than that. There’s a lot of tech hidden inside that sealed plastic shell and as we’re told, much of it still a secret.

First of all, you might notice that the unit we received is pink. Again, this is a unit from Mattel which is marketed towards younger folks, but the board is still powerful enough accommodate adults. There is however a weight limit of 250 lbs. If you’re not digging the pink, the Mattel Hoverboard comes in a rainbow of different colors with more styles and designing coming soon.

There is a safety strap up top for beginners. The strap can be moved to two different positions depending on what stance you prefer.I highly recommend using it. The first time I tried riding this bad boy, I pretty much ate it and found myself with a mouthful of dirt. Because the Hoverboard isn’t bound by the laws of gravity, the amount of air you can catch varies so if you’re not ready for “mega” air, you’re gonna get hurt. Be safe, strap in, and wear pads and a helmet.

Unlike early prototypes of hoverboards that required magnets and special surface coating for them to function correctly, these new hoverboards require no such thing. I’m actually not entirely too sure how they get the boards to levitate since most hover technology you see are on vehicles and those require serious amounts of extra hardware to get working. Mattel somehow has shrunk all that down to just two small disks. It’s quite fascinating really.

Regardless, these new hoverboards are magical. It’s amazing really just how far technology has come. I remember back in 1985, we were only just dreaming of things like this and now in 2015, it’s all come true. Welcome back to the future folks.

Mattel retails the Hoverboard for $499.99. That’s not a bad price to pay for the future of recreational transportation.

*This is a parody review. Happy Back to the Future day!

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