BlackDeckerFoodHydrator2 Black & Decker isn’t normally a company known for making items I actually want to use, let alone write about; but when they pitched me the chance to review the Food Hydrator I jumped at the chance. Would this hydration machine live up to the hype or would you be better off waiting for one from Hydrators Unlimited? Let’s take a look.

First off when it comes to the style of the Black & Decker Food Hydrator, style wasn’t at the forefront of the important list. Coming in only pink, the B&D Food Hydrator isn’t going to win any design awards. This is quite sad as you would think in 2015, a style and design would make it to the top of the make it happen a list. But where the Hydrator lacks in looks, it makes up in features. Voice control being one of them. The B&D Food Hydrator does voice control right! Whenever we are giving it a hydration level command, it has yet to return anything but the desired level. This has made the device easy to use and perfect when multitasking.

BlackDeckerFootHydrator But what about the taste? So far much food I’ve taste at hydration level 4 and it has been spot on. The food is the desire size, and has come out with good favor. I will admit that every once in the blue is I hydrated at level 3, sometimes the food comes out a little rubbery, but this is rare.

All in all the Black & Decker Food Hydrator has been a joy to have in the home, every kitchen should have one and if you need help making the dinner while multitasking a few other things, the Hydrator is definitely for you. Black & Decker hasn’t released pricing yet for this model, but we will update as soon as we find out more.

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