htip_back_to_future_mr_fusion_replicaI don’t know about you, but I’m tired of paying for gasoline and tired of having to plug my electric car in to recharge every night. Screw that. When I heard that Fusion Industries had just released its very own home energy reactor, I knew that was something I just had to get. I mean who wouldn’t want their very own personal power plant that can convert ordinary waste into clean, usable energy? The Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor promises that in a very small package that can be installed in either your home or your vehicle. While I’m not quite ready to go for the full blown home unit, I decided to give the smaller vehicle mounted unit a go.

Fusion Industries was kind enough to send over a demo unit mounted to a sweet little vintage DMC DeLorean sports car. This was in part to show me that these Mr. Fusion units are quite versatile and can be installed just as easily on newer vehicles as well as much older vehicles. Not only that, this was a heavily modified DeLorean that had just been recently hover converted by Goldie Wilson Hover Conversion Systems. This is of significance too because these hover conversions can require a lot of power. Mr. Fusion is able to produce several gigawatts of power for every pound of waste supplied to it. That’s pretty amazing.


I was told not to engage hover mode due it not yet being broken in yet so decided to take the DeLorean for a short drive up to Orlando which is roughly 250 miles one way. I fed Mr. Fusion about 2-pounds of waste hoping it would be enough for the trip. I loaded it up with mostly discarded waste and the energy meter seemed to fill all the way up. My drive in the DeLorean was pretty uneventful and just seemed like a regular old drive. 200 miles into the trip, I noticed that the energy meter had not gone down very much at all. In fact, there was still around 90% power left in reserve. That’s crazy. At this point, I’d usually have to stop for a refill of gas. What’s even more amazing is that I ended up all the way back home after a good day of driving with more than 75% power still left in reserve. That’s a huge reserve of power generated from just 2 pounds of waste. I’m not going to lie when I say that I have no idea really how this thing works. All I know is that it does.

Sadly, I had to give the DeLorean back the next day. Mr. Fusion is available now from authorized Fusion Industries retailers. The cost is still extremely high at around $15k for the version seen on the DeLorean.

*This is a parody review. Happy Back to the Future day!

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