Every generation provides another rap star to challenge the status quo and upset the mainstream media. In the 1990s Tupac Shakur struck peril into the hearts of white, conservative America, and recently we’ve seen an endless parade of controversial rap stars such as 50 Cent who revel in the attention granted to them by the horrified media.

However, the latest star to gain massive attention due his off and on-stage antics is the Chicago rapper Chief Keef.


The rap star grew to prominence in the Chicago drill music scene where he was quickly snapped up by Interscope Records who saw something thrilling in the artist’s expressive wordplay and fiercely original sound.

However, the rapper quickly became enmeshed in an array of legal issues that included charges of heroin manufacture and the unlawful use of a weapon. And with a recent conviction for driving under the influence, plans were made that led to the Chief Keef’s unusual decision to use a hologram for touring purposes.

Hologram concerts

The rise of hologram concerts first received global attention with the appearance of an artificial Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Festival. And as such they were thought to provide Chief Keef with the opportunity to please his fans with a surprise performance at the Craze Fest music event in Hammond, Indiana.

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Police shutdown

Unfortunately what the concert promoters didn’t realise was how quick the local authorities would be to close down Chief Keef’s performance. The mayor and police chief had been warned that the 20-year-old rapper would be making an appearance, and they had announced to the promoters that they would not tolerate any artist who persisted in promoting what they considered an anti-social artistic stance.

And as a result, the plug was pulled on the hologram concert merely one song into the artist’s set. Given the surreal nature of the event, many were expecting violent reprisals. But thankfully the assembled crowds showed surprising patience and instead resigned themselves to verbal attacks against the offending police force via a range of social media avenues.

Such controversy will only help empower Chief Keef’s social message and musical development as he must now shrug off events like this to focus on his phenomenal musical talents.

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