With all the iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus news yesterday you know T-Mobile had to be up their sleeve with something clever. CEO John Legere has announced that the iPhone 6s will be just $20 a month for 18 months with their JUMP! On Demand program while the iPhone 6s Plus will be $24. Best of all its $0 up front. So after 18 months you would be paying just $524 for the latest iPhone 6s which is a killer compared to getting it from the other carriers and/or Apple. But it gets even better….

Introducing the T-Mobile Lifetime Coverage Guarantee

I’m so sure iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users are going to love T-Mobile that I’m announcing the industry’s first ever lifetime coverage satisfaction guarantee. Yes, lifetime. For as long as you use your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus on T-Mobile, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your coverage experience we’ll refund you for every penny you’ve paid for your new device in the first month, or after that, we’ll unlock it at no charge so you can use it with one of the other wireless companies. We’ll even refund up to a full month of your service. For phones that get unlocked, we’ll let you keep our standard interest-free payment plan at our standard prices. No charge. No hassles. To take advantage, all you have to do is come and get your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with JUMP! On Demand at T-Mobile. We’ll take care of the rest. Yes, it’s that simple. We are not screwing around.

T-Mobile is throwing everything at you including the kitchen sink for the latest launch from Apple. And think about it a few years ago T-Mobile didn’t even have an iPhone at all and now they been selling them like hotcakes. Also don’t forget they still have the deals for switching carriers as well so if you are unhappy with the others T-Mobile will give you some nice coin to convert.

Now the question is… Which iPhone are you getting?

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