I’m a big fan of the Moto 360 and I wear the first generation daily and have done so since its release. I couldn’t wait for the next generation to come out and happy to announce that is it now available for pre-order! Starting today in the U.S., you can pre-order your own Moto 360 on Motorola.com, Google Play and Best Buy.com. It will be available starting in late September at Nordstrom, Best Buy and Verizon. Availability and ship times will vary by style. Prices will vary by design and range from $299.99-$429.99.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Combo_Lifestyle

This time with more styles, more features and more battery, Moto 360 is the world’s first fully customizable smartwatch with countless design possibilities to suit your tastes, plus new experiences that will free you up to do more of the things you love. We’ve refined the classic and timeless design and created a watch collection specifically designed for men, women and fitness enthusiasts.

Moto_360_(2nd gen)_Black_Tan_Hero This time around the Moto 360 will come in two sizes, both a 46mm and 42mm size. Also this time around Motorola was able to really give the round face a even thinner bezel than before. And there will also be a women’s collection, so if you were worried before about wearing something that came off too manly, this time around using the Moto Maker you should be able to customize it more to your taste. Speaking of Moto Maker, you’ll be able to explore the options for Case, Band, Bezel and Face. Motorola says there will be 300 different ways you can design this watch, now that is customization! Taking further inspiration from the traditional watch world, Moto 360’s case design now features lugs specifically tailored for men and women, and polished bezels in new styles. With new quick release bands,you can easily swap between leather and metal bands in seconds to match your look for the day.

Moto 360 Sport


This time around Motorola is introducing a new model to the fold with the Moto 360 Sport, this one is geared for the fitness enthusiasts. With the new Moto 360 Sport,you can now leave your smartphone at home during your daily run. Builtin GPS accurately tracks your speed, distance, and pace, while a heart sensor tracks other important vitals. You can even store and play music right from your wrist, because we all need a good workout mix to push us during that last mile or rep. Plus, you can see all this information clearly, even in bright sunlight, with the new AnyLight hybrid display. Take your workout to the limit without worrying about your watch, thanks to a durable yet comfortable design. Strong silicone construction with special UV coating wicks away moisture and resists fading or staining, while side ventilation channels help you stay cool. Last but not least, the new Moto 360 and Moto 360 Sport has even more battery life than our first generation,now offering up to two full days of use.

Again the Moto 360 2nd generation is available to pre-order today and prices range depending on configuration from $299.99-$429.99. More information on the Moto 360 Sport will be available soon.

So who is pre-ordering one? If so what size are you going for?

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