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Home News Huawei Watch Comes in Different Styles on September 17th

Huawei Watch Comes in Different Styles on September 17th

Huawei Watch Gold_Leather Tilt

Huawei has officially announced its smartwatch simply dubbed “Huawei Watch” today. Its set to come in a Stainless Steel body with options of adding Black or Rose Gold. There will also be various bands associated such as Black leather, Alligator pressed leather, Steel Links and even Gold Links. With all these different design options prices vary from $349 to $799 depending on your sense of style.

The Huawei Watch has a 300mAh battery which is supposed to offer two-day of battery life on steady usage. Fast charging is incorporated giving you 80% life in 45mins or 75mins will get you back to full status. Huawei Watch have Bluetooth 4.1 LE for better battery usage and pairing with devices. It will also support Android’s Wi-Fi connectivity when you aren’t in bluetooth range.

Its 1.4″ AMOLED screen is tacking on the highest resolution from any Android Wear watch with 400×400 pixels. Depending on the design you could go for that timeless design look which in this case mixes new with old. What’s interesting is that it will work with the iPhone as well.


Huawei Watch is set for release on September 17th. For more details check HERE

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