Catalyst is proud to introduce the first waterproof case for the Apple Watch. Though many have discovered the the Apple Watch my in fact be waterproof, Apple does not specifically state that it is which means that if your Apple Watch were to be damaged by water, Apple may not cover the damages under warranty. Nobody wants to be in that situation, especially for something that costs $399+. That’s why Catalyst created their new waterproof case for the Apple Watch.

The first of its kind, Catalyst’s fully functional waterproof case for Apple Watch is a premium product built with style and industry-leading protection. The screen-less housing gives users unhindered access to the touchscreen and the ultra slim profile compliments Apple’s sleek design. The waterproof housing also accommodates all sensors on the underside of Apple Watch so users can access the charging connector and activity and health tracker functions, like heart rate monitoring, without removing the case. Catalyst’s signature rotating crown dial adds a pop of stylized color and functionality and each case comes with 42mm quick-release NATO nylon wrist straps.

The Catalyst Waterproof Case for the Apple Watch will be available in November and will retail for $59.99.

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