Amazon believe it or not has been around for 20 years and is looking to celebrate its birthday in a HUGE way. When I mean huge they are talking about having bigger and better deals than the actual Black Friday deals. If you have used Amazon during Black Friday the past few years then you shouldn’t be surprised. Deals start at midnight on July 15th and will pop up on their website every ten minutes possibly and throughout the entire day.

So there is a slight catch to getting in on these deals. You have to be an Amazon Prime member which means if you are already one then you’re set.Other options is to pay $99 to get a subscription or grab one of their free trial memberships. In the end it will most likely be a worthwhile experience. Shopping from home has been my go-to for Black Friday the past few years skipping the long sweaty lines and sitting at my laptop at home after being stuffed with Thanksgiving food the night before.

To learn more about Amazon Prime Day check out here and here. Also there will be a contest where you could win thousands of dollars in giftcards you may be interested in as well.

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