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Are you an avid online shopper that loves the convenience of being at home or work without all the lines? While that’s always been a pleasurable experience for me there are some that still miss that hands-on assist you would get from purchasing or checking out a product in-store. Sure you get that new smartphone or laptop sent to your house but do you have any idea how to use it?

A new company that has been making the rounds is one called “ENJOY”. It’s an easy name to remember and they also have provided a very easy hands-on experience when purchasing your new device. How does ENJOY basically work? You order a gadget from their website and then you can basically setup a scheduled time you would like them to deliver that said product. The product will be hand delivered by an ENJOY agent. Best of all you can pick the time and place. It can be at your front door, office, coffee shop, etc and a time of your choice. No more waiting around for UPS or Fedex for undetermined amount of hours for a package. ENJOY is giving you delivery convenience at its finest. If you want more of a personal experience you can set up an Expert visit which is $99 and gives you an hour of their time. Ordering an eligible smartphone from AT&T will garner you a free delivery as they have partnered with ENJOY.

Enjoy AndySo we got a chance to give ENJOY a test run and see how well the service actually works. Since I work in the city and instead of coming out to Queens where I live, I had set up an appointment to come to a Breather (reserved work spaces) room at a designated time in Manhattan. My TechWeLike colleague Analie was also going to an ENJOY session so she booked it at the same time and room. I got their early and setup and relaxed. The time was for 6pm and you might be surprised as both ENJOY agents Andy(pictured) and Chris came about 10mins early and about 5mins apart from each other. Very friendly and approachable and best of all they even knew each other.


We had a sit down and they gave us a run about the ENJOY services and provided me with what I ordered which is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from AT&T. Now they can either assist you with setting it up or will let you go through the motions and do it yourself. They were pretty knowledge about the product and answered just about any questions I had about the device. They carry a variety of other products besides smartphones such as tablets, laptops, bikes, speakers and even some remote control devices. Some ENJOY agents are well versed in one area then others which is fine as they are more dedicated to that particular area of products.

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Based on the experience I can see ENJOY being a great service for those that aren’t as tech savvy or want that extra push in the right direction. It also benefits those that like to order online but are the type to always miss their packages. At least with this you can designate a specific time and from multiple examples they do arrive on time. If any reason you can’t make the time you can always reschedule online.

Right now ENJOY is limited to New York City and the Bay Area but are looking to expand their services in the future. ENJOY is an awesome service and would be a nice surprise to us for friends and family the next time you want to send them a gift.

FYI if you take a look at ENJOY’s twitter they have some nice meetups in the Bay Area and NYC letting you get hands-on with devices such as GoPros, BoostedBoards, and Phantom 3 Drones just to name a few.

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