Amazon Fire TV x Gamefly

While attending Amazon’s Press Start event out in Los Angeles during E3 which was chock full of Amazon Fire TV stations I got to check out their new partnership with Gamefly which is providing a streaming service on the set-top box.

I went through the list of games available and grabbed one I like to play which is Batman Arkham Origins. When you do choose a game it will tell you what bandwidth you are currently running. Game boots right up like a normal game and is pretty fast as well.

While playing Batman Arkham Origins I didn’t really notice too much lag or slow and just some pixelation here and there but nothing too crazy. To just pickup an Amazon Fire Controller and play a couple of game is awesome.



I did speak to one of Gamefly’s manager’s Joe Slepski who gave me some insight about the partnership they developed with Amazon Fire TV. There is various packs to choose from and they are all $6.99 a month. There is a variety of games to choose from such as Batman, Lego Batman, Red Faction, GRID and the list goes on. I was told you need a minimum of 5 Mbps to play the games but i recommend 10 Mbps. I was playing Batman on 7 Mbps though. It wasn’t a bad experience and I can imagine using it time to time.

Of course to achieve all this you need an Amazon Fire TV box which is $99.99 and an Amazon Fire TV controller which is $39.99. If you already plan on using the Fire TV for other things besides playing streaming games(I watch Netflix and listen to music on iHeartRadio) then its a nice value to be able to do gaming on it. I was advised if you already have a Xbox controller you could sync it up to the Amazon Fire TV as well.


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