Street Fighter V E3

One of the most anticipated fighting games to hit the scene comes from Capcom with Street Fighter V. It was last announced at PlayStation Experience around the Christmas holidays and was deemed as a PS4 / PC Exclusive. Capcom later confirmed it will never come out for XBOX One as it’s a console deal and is looked as special in their eyes and opens up new doors. Very interesting to say the least. But eff all that at this point how does the game actually play right?


Street Fighter V E3 VS screen

I got a chance to play a couple of rounds of Street Fighter V with a Mad Catz T.E.2 Fightstick for some battling. Graphics on this game look phenomenal. Where Street Fighter 4 looks nice when it came out I felt sometimes it looks cartoonish. This game has a bit more of a realistic detail. It looks to be gone is the Focus System and is replaced with the V Trigger. The V Trigger has a couple of features depending on how it’s used and varies per character. For instance I played with Ryu and when using it V Trigger it made him faster with moves and combos. This is can also be seen in the returns of characters Birdie who we haven’t seen since Street Fighter Alpha 3 back in 1998 and Cammy. As far as the demo I played they had options of M.Bison, Charlie, Birdie, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Cammy to play with so far. I can imagine some surprising other characters to pop up as the lineup reveal continues.

Street Fighter V E3 Ryu v Birdie

I had playing Street Fighter V so far and probably will give it a couple more rounds while here at E3 for the week. I’m a big Street Fighter fan and I don’t it will disappoint its loyal fanbase. If you have a XB1 then I suggest you pony up for a PS4 or upgrade that PC hardware. It was interesting to point out how Capcom was using a JVC and Samsung TV next to each other. The JVC I played on was very bright and colorful while the Samsung colors were a bit more muted but showed more detail. Just random tidbits is all.

Street Fighter V is slated for release Spring 2016


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