Who here leaves home without their smartphone these days? I’d bet that very few of us could go through the day without ours. Whether for work or for play, we take our smartphones everywhere, but not all the places we take our smartphones too are electronic friendly. Take for instance the pool. Many of us take photos of ourselves enjoying the cool water on a hot day, but one slip up and your expensive smartphone could take a dive into the deep six and it’s adios smartphone. That’s why if you’re enjoying activities near water, you should protect your phone with a durable, waterproof case like the ones from Catalyst.

catalyst_01The one I’m checking out currently is the Catalyst Rescue Ranger for the iPhone 6. It’s mainly called the Rescue Ranger because of the color chosen and is the same as all the other Catalyst Waterproof cases. It’s a two piece case made of impact resistant polycarbonate, has soft-touch rubber bumper, silicone seals and air & water tight acoustic membranes.

Cases like this used to be bulky in the past and also quite unattractive. That’s not the case at all with the Catalyst Waterproof case. This is one of the most attractive, waterproof adventure cases I’ve ever seen. It’s quite slim for a case of this type and doesn’t make the iPhone 6 feel bulky at all. I also like the fact that the entire rear panel is transparent so much of your iPhone will still show through. This is one tough case that doesn’t want to hide the iPhone’s original looks.

catalyst_03The Catalyst Waterproof case provides complete and total protection. You seal your iPhone within the case and it’s all kept waterproof via silicone seals. The front and the rear of the case snap together and can’t be taken off again unless you use something like a coin to pry it open. If you need access to the charging port or audio jack, you don’t need to take the case off for that. Just pull back on the silicone flap to release the seals below and access those ports. Just make sure that when you’re done, seal those ports back up again otherwise water could get into it.

One really neat feature with the Catalyst Waterproof case is the use of a rotating crown dial for the mute switch. It makes turning this switch on and off a whole lot easier than with some of the other solutions I’ve seen. Another neat features is the fact that you can actually use Touch Id with no problem as well as all touch features such as the Control Center and notification swipe functions.

All of this makes for one of the nicest rugged, waterproof cases out there. The Catalyst Waterproof case not only provides complete protection from drops, weather, and other environmental factors, but it also does all this without looking like a huge, bulky mess. The iPhone 6 version of the case costs $69.99 while the iPhone 6 Plus version of it is $74.99. They might seem a bit much considering you can buy cases on Amazon for $5, but the type or protection you get from this will save you in the long run if you ever accidentally drop your phone into the water.

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