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One of the best laptop / tablet hybrids hands down goes to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It reached its one year anniversary last month and to this day is still going strong. Now whether you were an early adopter last year or just decided to pick one up this year you definitely want to make sure you have the ultimate case to go alongside with it. There are various cases to fit your needs whether its something stylish or a bit more rugged for your liking. Below are some of the best cases for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and I have used all them religiously at some point.

Knomo Knomad Surface


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accesories Cases (4)

If you are like me you take the Surface Pro 3 everywhere you go. Likewise you may have a few accessories to go along with it. The Knomad Surface can house your Surface Pro 3(with Type Cover) and other things such as a battery pack, smartphone, USB cords, mice and even a hard drive. Best thing is while you carry all these devices you can do so in style and it keeps everything nice and secure. I have filled it to the brim and nothing even fell out of place.
Price: $79.99

Incipio Roosevelt Folio

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accesories Cases (1)

A case that was designed for individuals that use Type Covers is the Roosevelt Folio. You snap your Type Cover into the Folio’s hinge and proceed to attach your Surface Pro 3 after. The case’s exterior is covered in vegan leather and has microfiber inside. It’s ideal for those that use the Surface Pro 3’s “lapability” and get tired of the Kickstand digging into your thighs. It adds protection to your Pro 3 and also has a stylus loop on the side for your Surface Pen.
Price $39.99

Waterfield Outback Solo

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accesories Cases (2)

Looking for something a bit tougher? The Outback Solo by WaterField might be up your alley. It comes in both waxed canvas and leather and stores room for your Surface Pro 3, charger and adapter. If you want to stretch it a bit you can throw in a mouse and/or smartphone as well. It’s a stylish outdoorsy looking shoulder bag and is also water-resistant. With most WaterField bags they provide the option to get the bag itself and add shoulder straps as well. I usually opt for the straps which are $19 more. You will thank yourself later on.
Price $109-$129

Urban Armor Gear Rugged Case

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accesories Cases (2)

Protecting your Surface Pro 3 is of course your primary concerns and this is where the rugged case by UAG can do the job. It comes in two colors Scout (Gray) and Rogue (Red) and is composed of a rubberized material. It allows you to get a good handle on the device and protect some drops and watery accidents. The Surface Pro 3 easily snaps on and leaves open compartments to access your headphone jack and also have vents for cooling. If you are using a Type Cover it easily snaps on so you can continue business as usual. The rugged case also has a kickstand so you can do positioning similar to your Pro 3.
Price $69.99

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accesories Cases (1)

Most likely if you purchased a Surface Pro 3 you picked up a Type Cover to accompany it. If you haven’t done so you should. It’s built specifically for the Pro 3 and works great with its slim design and full QWERTY keyboard. It has backlit capabilities and the best thing about the Type Cover 3 is it doubles as a screen protector for your Pro 3. Furthermore accessories for the Surface Pro 3 already have the Type Cover 3 in mind and you never need to detach it.
Price $119.99

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