One of the top selling female groups of all time with this of many classic TLC hits, “What About Your Friends?” Although the message is strong the music video directed by Lionel C. Martin still brings a fun and exciting music video with TLC’s classic dance moves that seem to be timeless. Some people may forget just how influential TLC and their music is to the music we hear today. Atlanta based LaFace Records as we all know had a gold mine. T-Boz‘s raspy flow has and will always be intoxicating. With the assistant of Chilli and Debra Killings the hooks and vocals were ever so melodic. And last but not least, the final piece. Left Eye’s infectious verbs, energy and bounce on every track solidified this trio. So rest in peace, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes which marked the 13 year anniversary of her unexpected passing on April 25, 2002. So please enjoy a little piece of history.

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