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You might not realize this but Ultimate Ears is on their way to their sixth artist designed speaker and this one is a very colorful one. Ultimate Ears is teaming up with contemporary graffiti artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. Craola uses books and cartoons from his childhood and combines them with pop culture, nature, carnival kitsch to create vivid imaginations we can apply to a canvas. His work is all over from video games to clothings to art galleries.

Ultimate Ears working with artists has always been a nice plattform for them to express their creativity on such an already innovate speaker such as the UE BOOM.


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Pricing and Availability

Ultimate Ears is producing only 200 Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM speakers, all of which are expected to be available in select countries worldwide beginning in April 2015, for a suggested retail price of $199.99. For more information, please visit To find out more about Craola, please visit


Ultimate Ears Teams Up with Graffiti Artist Craola for its Sixth Artist-Edition UE BOOM

[showhide] UE Continues to Push Boundaries in Design with its Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM


NEWARK, Calif. — April 7, 2015 Today Ultimate Ears announced its sixth artist-designed UE BOOM mobile speaker, designed by contemporary graffiti artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. The Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM celebrates the depth and detail in the world of art by combining the powerful sound from the multi-award-winning UE BOOM with Craola’s vivid – and imaginative – designs.

Craola draws inspiration from his favorite childhood books and cartoons, and weaves together pop culture, nature and carnival kitsch with his warped imagination to capture the extraordinary in his pieces. His work can be found in a variety of places, from galleries to clothing and video games, to spray-painted murals. Now, he is bringing his visions to new life on the acoustic skin of UE BOOM, encouraging fans to bring a fresh perspective to their imaginations and express themselves.

“Just like my art inspires people to leave behind the ordinary, the power of UE BOOM allows its listeners to enhance their ordinary by bringing music deeper into whatever they’re doing, no matter where they go,” said Craola. “I love that the Ultimate Ears brand and I both stand for self expression, and I’m honored to share in this adventure of bringing music and imagination to life.”

Introduced in 2013, UE BOOM has won four prestigious design awards, and has redefined what a mobile speaker is with industry-defining features and customization. Designed to be the center of your life, UE BOOM has a cylindrical shape that plays 360-degree sound, and it features a customizable acoustic skin. Since 2013, UE has been one of the only brands to bring art onto its products by collaborating with notable artists, giving them an opportunity to use the acoustic skin of UE BOOM as their canvas.

“When we conceived of UE BOOM, we set out to challenge people’s concepts for what a mobile speaker looked like and how it performed,” said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears. “To this day, every detail that goes into this product ties back to innovation and customization; in fact, pushing boundaries is our central focus for the UE experience. To this end, the artist edition speakers deliver on both the creativity and innovation fronts, and we have even more up our sleeves.” [/showhide]

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