The debate still continues over what is better, a backpack or a shoulder bag, and as long as there are companies that crank out excellent examples of both, the war will never end. With that said, I’m a backpack man myself but I can appreciate a really good shoulder bag design, which is what the new WaterField Vitesse Cycling Musette is. This bag is modeled after the original musettes of old, but improved upon in every way. It’s a lightweight bag meant to carry your daily essentials and one that is designed to not only look good, but last.

Cycling Musette Transformed. Sling the new Vitesse cycling musette on, toss in your wallet, keys, phone and the rest, and you’re ready for a ride on your bike or a walk around town. Inspired by the musette bags used in cycling races to pass food to cyclists, this modern version is as straightforward, lightweight and compact, but we’ve upgraded it to be more comfortable, lasting, functional, and—dare we say—handsome? The Vitesse can easily be folded and packed into another bag for travel of any kind. Premium waxed canvas and leather. What are you waiting for?

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