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Like most people who are hitting the gym and working out besides the quest of getting in shape are also on a quest for that perfect pair of earphones and work out app. You know the ear buds that don’t pop out during a vigorous and intense workout. So I think Jabra is on the ultimate mission to get to that upper echelon of fitness wireless Bluetooth earphones with the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds and the Jabra Sport Life app.


Jabra has created a black and yellow pair of Bluetooth ear buds that are truly lightweight and comfortable. These are a perspiration & rain resistant device made for that light or vigorous workout that will not lead to the most active gym goer’s worst nightmare of ear buds falling out of your ears at the peak of a work out. Jabra makes sure of that with having 4 different sizes of EarWings for stability and EarGels for comfort to accommodate. Talking about not getting in the way of your activity which wireless Bluetooth devices are made to do, it maintains the fashionable look to take to the gym, office or just out and out in the madness we call the daily of life. These buds will definitely have you singing Wiz Kalifa’s hit “Black and yellow! Black and Yellow!”
Jabra Sport Pulse Headset


The superb and innovative features on the Jabra Pulse made me change their name to Ja-BRUH. The Pulse are in ear heart rate monitor so you can keep track of your intensity while you work out along with an in ear coach to keep you updated. (By the way the voice is so pleasant) Your BPM is always proven clinically graded accuracy to improve your intensity that coincides with Jabra’s Training Zone page. The training app also works with the your music library during your workout such as Google Music for Android and iTunes for Apple mobile devices. With the fullest Dolby sound created for wireless active ear buds you can control the volume, take calls and music playback by simply tapping the side button.
Jabra Sport Life App
So let me continue with the amazingness, yeah I said amazingness. The Jabra Sports Life App which is free, has in-ear coaching giving you real-time feedback along with recording and updating distance, heart rate, caloric burn and even a map if you’re running outside of a fitness center. The app keeps a log of all your workouts, goals and planned workouts. There are 3 different fitness level test such as VO2 max test, Orthostatic Heart Rate Test and Resting Heart Rate test to allow you to know if you’re under or over-training using your gender, weight and age. Jabra is so thoughtful that you can still use your other favorite apps such as Strava, RunKeeper, Endomondo and MapMyFitness monitor your heart rate. The Pulse doesn’t stop there. The Sports Life App also allows you to target cardio, maximum, intense, light or fat burn.


I’m going to have to say these Ja-Bruh Sports Pulse wireless Bluetooth ear buds are the best active fitness Bluetooth headsets I have ever used. Jabra has come a long way from their first set of Bluetooth headsets. They have definitely the best quality sounding Dolby ignited ear buds. Jabra Sport Pulse Box FemaleNot only are they rugged, perspiration and weather resistant, the bass, highs and lows are pitch perfect as if Fat Amy and the gang were blowing you away with their acapella sound on stage. Even the coach in your during your workouts is boss. Shout out to the female voice telling me that I have accomplished my goal! Between the Jabra Sport Pulse and the Jabra Sports Life App you don’t need anything else to accompany you in your workouts from light to intense. There’s no other way to say it but if you’re not working out with these in the gym (In Melissa McCarthy’s voice) “You’re mis-sing it!”

I haven’t come across an app or Bluetooth wireless fitness headset that actually tracks how much weight you’re pushing when weight training. But I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime soon Jabra may be the first to do it. They are already look like they are on pace to produce such a product. (I know Jabra is like Ja-Bruh, no pressure lol. The folks at Jabra have given a refreshing device to aid me in my workouts. I feel like fitness technology is catching up to the consumers ideas of what would be a great coach and workout buddy that they need when trying to win the battle against the bulge, the spare tire, the jelly roll, well you get my drift. As far as the name Ja-Bruh, we can work out some things for the next campaign lol. (I’m serious). But you can cop the Jabra Sport Pulse for $199 on the Jabra site or at Amazon for $179 . You’ll be doing a disservice to your self if you don’t cop a pair. So….what are you waiting for?

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