Big Sean’s Expressing of “Blessings” Ft. Drake & Kanye West [Music Video]

The black and white theme of the video brings what was already an erie dope track accompanied by fresh lyrics a more dark but appreciative side of the song “Blessings” from Big Sean‘s new album Dark Sky Paradise. Directed by Darren Craig, the music video depicts what can reflect from your blessings of success. The dark skies, clouds and lightning are very vivid at the beginning of the video with Big Sean’s 1st verse as he give thanks for his good fortune along the backlash of the same.

I like the confessional scene as Big Sean confesses his sins to himself as he is the Pastor and the sinner. Drake comes through in a rugged look with a skull and Timbs giving thanks to the blessings and the haters. Throughout the videos you’ll catch a dancer in all white with all three MCs at some point. To close it out Kanye West in what looks like wraps around his forehand and wrist as if he’s going into the ring of Blessings for the knockout blow. So I call the fight in the 4th round at 5:11.

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