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There’s a line in one of my favorite songs, “Light Up” by Drake featuring Jay Z that epitomizes this Noma creation. “Bright lights will make your whole city light up/A trillion watt light bulb when I’m in the night club.” Lol and behold these earphones do just that by lighting up but they also pulsate with every bounce and tempo of the track you’re listening to. This is truly a mobile disco light for the eardrums. Strobe features EL (electroluminescent) technology to provide a vibrant, bright color.


Noma Strobe DarkThe ear buds come in three different sizes to offer you a custom fit, making them quite comfortable in your ears. The actual Strobe control box felt a tad bit bulky at first, but I will have to admit from wearing them for a particularly long time period they didn’t feel heavy at all. I’m not a runner but my first thought is that there’s no way I can run in these but “whoa-ho-ho” I was pleasantly surprised. They didn’t fall out at all and remained at the same comfort level for the duration of my workout.

So if you’re one of those wee early in the morning or night runners, running to the high definition bass and acoustics you won’t be missed in traffic as the Strobe light rides to the melody of any song being played on your smartphone or iPod. (If you’re still rocking a MP3 player….I’m sorry. Just sorry.)



  • The on board microphone is compatible with any voice-activated software for voice activated commands and hands free phone calls.
  • The high definition sound is full to feel every bass line and consume every acoustic sound.
  • The custom fit ear buds are for all ages from kids to adults.
  • The lights dances along with you and the beats protruding from the comfortable ear buds.
  • You can charge the Strobe Light controller via USB.
  • Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Uses the same technology used in the movie TRON.

Check out the Strobe in action:


These are definitely the new in the earphone game for exercising indoors, outdoors, daytime or nighttime. Noma has given the consumer a chance to have a party with yourself whether it be you getting ready to got out, if you only can hit the pillow with sounds or Strobe lighting it up with an intense workout or better yet killing on your home dance floor. I even gave my son a chance to peep them and this is what he had to say, “The headphones have very good bass, block outside noise very well and have an aesthetically appealing design. However, the control block for the Strobe light makes the ear buds somewhat bulky.” Yep, the thoughts of a 15 year old teenager. Lol. Overall I believe this is definitely a pair you should cop especially if you want to change it up and party like you’re a main character in the movie Tron.


You can pre-order Strobe through Indiegogo for $39 (50% off MSRP) in White, Pink, Green or Orange. Once goal is reached they plan on expanding the color selection. There are a few days left to help them fund them goal so please head over to Indiegogo now to support. They are far and above worth even their full MSRP.

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