New Minimalist Spike Wallet by WaterField Designs


There will probably come a day when wallets become obsolete especially as we begin to organize our lives digitally. Services such as Apply Pay and soon Google Pay and Samsung Pay will make carrying multiple credit cards a thing of the past. Of course you’ll still need to carry around certain things for now like ID, insurance cards, cash, etc. For that, you’ll still need a wallet, but you won’t need such a large, thick wallet anymore. That’s where the new WaterField Designs Spike Wallet comes in.

It’s a minimalist, thin wallet with room for the essentials, made of genuine, naturally-tanned, distressed, full-grain leather. This will not only keep what isn’t digitized organized, but keep your pockets light as well. The Spike Wallet is inexpensive too at just $25.

Product Description

Low Profile. High Standards. The ultra-minimalist, premium leather Spike Wallet ages beautifully. It holds just the essentials—the small for business cards and the wallet for credit cards, a bit of cash and your commuter card. You can even slip your house key inside, stash the Spike in your pocket and head out. You’ll barely know it’s there, but you’ll have everything you really need.

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