HTC Grip and HTC One M9

After HTC announced their new flagship device, they took the time to bring out a new product category for them. HTC unveiled the HTC Grip, it’s first product in the smart fitness tracker category. The Grip was design to work with Under Armour’s UA Record app. UA Record is Under Armour’s definitive health and fitness network dedicated to helping you lead a healthier life. Track, analyze, and share your fitness activity with the world’s first social network for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

HTC_Grip_3 We heard a little about this back at CES 2015 during a meeting with HTC about what was next for them. HTC talked a little about their partnership with Under Armour and there was talk of upcoming device in the health and wellness space. The Grip looks to be this first dive into this fitness swimming pool. The HTC Grip is designed to comfortably support even the most extreme training regimes. The contoured, waterproof band conforms to your wrist without pinching your skin or catching on clothing during workouts. The curved PMOLED display also makes it easy to read time, distance and notifications on the move. Available in three sizes, to ensure a perfect fit, Grip complements even the most advanced training equipment and apparel in both style and performance. Capable of tracking and recording a variety of workouts (from running and cycling to time spent at the gym), Grip is also waterproof, making it perfect for tracking every step, from the gym to the shower and beyond. Its 100mAh battery lasts up to five hours when the integrated GPS is turned on, enabling Grip to accurately capture route, distance, pace and calories burned, all of which sync with UA Record in real time. Grip also connects to an assortment of external heart rate monitors, including the Under Armour A39, making it ideal for athletes wanting to track their heart rate. For everyday usage, Grip lasts up to 2.5 days on a single charge, ideal for tracking daily activity.

Now I’ve downloaded the UA Record app that this is designed to work with, but haven’t actually used it yet. I am curious to see how this tracker will work with UA Record, and how just another tracker in a crowded field will fair. The HTC Grip will be available later in the Spring but no price has been mentioned for it yet. I will be keeping an eye out on this one as well!

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