Guess who’s bizack with that R&B sound that dominated and changed the game in the ’90s. Just thought I’d put that out there in case some of you thought “It’s great that Katy Perry is giving this new a group a shot to shine on the big stage. I’m sure they’ll blow up from here.” (Enter mush face emoji here.) Yep, it’s that 1st to ever do it R&B group to make it ok to rock hoodies, snapbacks, fitted, boots and still sing that ill smooth R&B with a hip hop feel.

This is the epitome of Jodeci. “Every Moment” music video stills captures the imagery like they used to such as the in the desert joint back in the day Cry For You. I really appreciate that Jodeci’s first official single didn’t attempt to jump on the latest R&B to try and be relevant. The album “The Past The Present The Future” drops March 31st. This group was during the era where remixes were remixes and not adding other artist or new lyrics to the same track. (Just ask our very own TJ: I’m Still Waiting-Rmx) Honestly, I can’t wait! You can peep the “Every Moment” video right here:

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