This was another great way to start the week at #CES 2015, Las Vegas. G Style was given the gracious invitation to visit a Zappos Pop-Up Shop in Vegas as part of CES 2015. Going in we didn’t know what to expect but in return we got pure genius. Let’s be honest, sometimes when we shop either we don’t want to leave our homes, get to the store & they don’t have your size or it doesn’t quite look like what you saw online. Imagine if you have the option to shop online or visit a pop-up shop and everything is what you saw and what you wanted. Man, listen. Our host Jonathan, gave a tour of the Zappos pop-up shop and it was amazing. For the holidays it was open 24/7 and the other beauty of it was a no hassle zone. You know when you’re in a store and if feels like you’re being pressured to make a purchase. Yeah, no chance here. The employees on shift were only there if called upon and you need them. So if you’re one of those shoppers who only needs assistance without the associate asking “Is there anything I can help you with?” They will only be there if you request them.ShopWithMe Mobile Barcode

Download the ShopWithMe app to any smartphone to scan any item you wish to purchase and put it to your shopping bag. ShopWithMe shopper mobile applications for Apple iOS and Android that enables consumers carry a “virtual cart” on their phone. At any POS (IsPOS) in the store, a shopper can add items to their cart, this system is cloud based so it will in a snap synch your purchases to your account. The POS includes a shopper facing 21.5” touch display, a barcode scanner, receipt printer, water resistant speaker, NFC reader, Bluetooth beacons,a front facing 12 megapixel ultra-wide lens camera and wireless connectivity combined into a sleek hardware frame. And if you need assistance to talk to a live person just press the help button & the video camera loads and you’ll have a live person to talk to on screen. I must continue. Then, using the app, they can carry their virtual cart from kiosk to kiosk or even store to store as they continue to shop. Shoppers can also scan any item in the store using the ShopWithMe app and get all available colors and sizes of an item.

ShopWithMe Kiosk

If you need further assistance in store then an employee in the store will come to you and you don’t have to go looking for an associate. The employee will also be able to assist in your purchase because they will equipped with what I call a portable kiosk but it’s called the Mobile POS (mPOS). These associates carry the Mobile POS around the shop floor. They will be using Apple iPad minis, ShopWithMe has developed its own hardware case which has a credit card reader and a built-in barcode/QR scanner. The shoe closet was a combination of Keanu Reeves as Neo and The Matrix and Tom Cruise in Minority Report.They join both worlds of brick-and-mortar retailers and online retailers with a virtual shopping experience in the snap of a pop-up shop. They will never be out of stock because if you don’t physically see in the store you can order it at the kiosk and it will be shipped to you overnight free of charge. If you don’t believe my Matrix and Minority Report reference, peep below. In the words of Drizzy Drake, “Thank Me, Later.”

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