Seagate Horizontal Logo


Seagate has been in the storage for 35+ years and has always worked on bringing you reliable storage in the most sufficient ways possible whether from a consumer or business standpoint. Within the past year you can see the evolution from just them just providing hard drive storage but how you would be able to use it and share it. Besides that they have also been making revolutionary changes to look and feel of their devices as well. The first thing of changes is their new logo which is supposed to demonstrate a constant stream of data.

Seagate Seven


Where the name “Seven” comes from is the depth of the hard drive which is 7mm. It’s the slimmest hard drive on the market bar none and it holds an impressive 500GB of space. Picking it up its pretty weightless and can fit in your pocket or bag with ease. Its build quality is sleek and is composed of an all metal finish. Its amazing where tech is now and how even 5 years ago trying to get into a portable hard drive giving you about 10x this size.

LaCie Mirror


For the stylish individual, LaCie has created a hard drive that has mirrors on all sides and holds 1TB of storage. To add to lavish finish it comes equipped with a wooden dock for placement. It looks nice in person and was told males actually are liking this product more than females are. The mirrored glass is used Corning Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance. This basically means that the glass has been built a certain way to withstand conditions to everyday use that goes along with hard drives and would usually deem something glass like this a problem.

Also to go along with this new rebranding of their company they had the Seagate Personal Cloud and Seagate Wireless which are close to remodel of their Seagate Central and Seagate Wireless Plus products we covered awhile back.



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