SAMSUNG CSCWhile we knew Mophie was #1 in selling mobile batteries we didn’t know they had one of the coolest booths at CES. Of course you wouldn’t know what was going on unless someone like myself let you know about it. On the outside is four black walls but inside is a great and impressive SpeakEasy lined up with plush seats and full shelved bar. Nothing better than checking out their newest Juice Packs while having a sip of some juice(really liquor, but you get what I’m saying).



So the newest Juice Packs would be coming for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are all going to help you get through those long workdays with ease and not having to stay jacked into a computer or wall outlet like you usually do. The Juice Pack Air gives you up to 100% battery for your iPhone 6 while the Juice Pack Plus will give you a bit more with over 120% extra battery life. If you are a iPhone 6 Plus user they have you covered with their Juice Pack for that device as well.

Getting some quick hands-on we were able to test it with both devices and they started charging up the phone instantly and whats great as usual you have the option to turn that off via the switch on the back which will also tell you how much juice you have left over. The cases also have what they call “Priority+ Charge & Sync”. Hook it up to your computer and it will charge the phone first and then the battery. While you are doing those you can have it synced to the computer as well with the included microUSB cable.

The case itself is light and also when attached to the iPhones. When looking inside the case it’s lined with rubber pads to help combat any damage from falls and drops.

Right now pre-orders are up for all three cases of the Juice Packs by Mophie and should be available for juice consumption for your iPhones in the next few weeks.


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