Is is that time again…As we close the door to 2014, 2015 starts off with the gadget superbowl of sort in that which is CES. This will be G Style Magazine’s 5th year covering CES and the team is ready to do it all again. Next week will be a week of walking (oh man will there be walking), hopping from booth to booth, private one on one sit downs, and after evenings I like to call mini show floor events. But the goal for us remains the same. We intend to check it out and let you guys know what we thought was the coolest, stylish, more trendy and fashionable items on the show floor. This is the mission and we are ready to go. Now while we will have a special section right here on the site for all CES related items, if you want to keep up with us on the ground, you’ll want to follow these social media accounts as we’ll be updating as we go along from here. So take note of them below and please feel free to interact with us, ask questions. There might be a little delay but we’ll try to get back to you. CES can daunting and we’ll be moving around a lot.

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Google+: +GStyleMag
Facebook: G Style Magazine
We may also add some images to our Flickr page. We blew the dust off it, so if your interested, check it out here

In addition, if you want to follow some more coverage from ya favorite members of #TeamGStyle, check out them here. Each team member of course has their preference on what they would like to see, so you can get some personal thoughts depending. So be sure to follow Jason A (Twitter, Google+), Jason M (Twitter, Google+), Analie C (Twitter, Google+), Tejor J (Twitter, Google+), and Kris Maxx (Twitter)

See you all in Vegas next week!