Robo3DPrinter With all the other gifts that people are buying this year, would 3D printing be one that came to mind? It looks like ROBO 3D is looking to capitalize while 3D printing is slowly becoming the in thing to do. ROBO 3D is a 3D Printer that is hitting the market at an affordable price at $799.99. Yes right off the back, that might now sound affordable. But then again neither is a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus and that doesn’t even make anything.

With the ROBO 3D you could spend your next holiday season making cool gives for others instead of buying. Some of the items they feature for making include:

-iPhone speaker dock that amplifies sound
-Elevated wine bottle holder- already have this done
-Heart Earrings
-Safe with Key
-Lap Top Stand
-Set of Plant Pots- for making tomatoes, jalapenos, etc. This would be cool small 3D printed pots
-Tie Rack or Scarf Organizer
-Money Clips
-Dog Bowl or cat bowl for your pets
-Birdhouse with an open back (so you could attach it to your window and see inside the house).

Robo3DPrinter-2 And these are just examples. The R1 comes fully-assembled with a 300g spool of RoBo Blue Filament to start with. Right out the box you can use your current Mac, Windows, or Linux system to design your object with almost any kind of CAD software, and send it to the printer via USB cable, or save your file onto an SD card and plug it directly into the R1.

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