For the Thanksgiving of 2011 G Style Magazine started it’s car coverage with Lincoln. This all started with the Lincoln MKX and MKS. For Thanksgiving we had the MKX their mid size SUV. It is very fitting that this year we spent Thanksgiving with the MKC, the newest car in the Lincoln luxury lineup! The MKC is smaller than the MKX and with a smaller starting price. How would this car do in what seems to the entry spot (price wise at least) for Lincoln.


LincolnMKC2015-006 The Lincoln MKC is a good-looking car, a good-looking small SUV. Sharing some traits from its big brother the MKX and at the same time, showing off some design lines that are completely new to the Lincoln look and familiar with the newer MKZ. Subtle changes that has bold feeling behind it. The MKC is definitely a car I wouldn’t mind owning. On both the interior and exterior, the MKC has that luxury feeling shared among all the Lincoln line.

On the inside the MKC feels very much like the MKZ. This is a great feeling to have and makes for much comfort. The MKC also has no gear shift knob and instead uses push buttons to change gears. This always takes some getting use to, but feels very futuristic. The interior resembles some of the other Lincoln cars, so you’ll feel at home if you owned a Lincoln MKS, MKX, or MKZ before.


LincolnMKC2015-003Not much has changed here in terms of tech on the inside. As far as center infotainment console it has the same UI that we’re use to. This could change in future models as I hear Ford may be switching to a new UI based on Blackberry’s QNX, so this COULD trickle its way to the Lincoln cars as well down the line. However you will definitely get all the comforts that you should expect for a luxury vehicle. Dual climate control, heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite radio are all on board. Also like the MKZ, the MKC has left off the gear knob and gone futuristic with its push button on the center console for gear shifting.

If you have read our Lincoln MKX, MKS, or MKZ reviews, the tech is pretty much the same. I do hope we get a refresh of this as well down the line as the same systems present back in 2011 is still pretty much the same today in 2014 in terms of the infotainment center. Which doesn’t knock the ease of use and ability to enjoy it, but I think now is perfect time for something new.


LincolnMKC2015-005 Driving the MKC is truly a joy, a car both fun and sporty. With the lowest starting price of the Lincoln vehicles, there is no reason I can seeing on avoiding owning one. Acceleration was great as well as braking and handling. This Thanksgiving we spent the weekend with friends up in Chester, NY and they live in an area that had tons of winding up and down hill roads. Throughout it all the MKC’s ride was smooth and comfortable. Also like the other vehicles in the line up, being able to connect my smartphone to it was easy to do and worked without hiccup. Lincoln’s line up is definitely high on my recommendation list. If I had the budget I would definitely be considering getting a Lincoln. I do still have my eye on the MKZ or the MKX, but the MKC just speaks to my wallet better. I can see myself starting off with this one without a regret at all.

Wrap Up

The Lincoln MKC is a great addition to the Lincoln luxury line up. Starting off at $33,100, it is the most affordable of the group. And this doesn’t mean it is the no frill version, all of its features are on par with the others available and it even beats the others in the group with better fuel economy. Only the MKZ beats it with both its standard and hybrid models. The MKC should be a serious consideration for anyone who is looking to join the Lincoln family of drivers.

[Forgive some of the images, we had some camera issues and noticed after the car was returned]